Henk Goossens


  • Locatie: Netherlands / Sri Lanka
  • Beelden: 65
  • Lid geworden: September 2022
Henk Goossens is a graduate of Fotovakschool at Apeldoorn. At that time it was still a tough training with black and white photography with self-development in the darkroom and printing.Henk has been a professional full-time travel photographer, his clients include KLM magazines and other magazines of the Royal Dutch Airlines, as well as stock photos for travel guides. He has experienced dynamic years in travel journalism. Many countries were visited and many articles were published in the various Dutch media and magazines, and he has made about 250 articles in collaboration with various journalists. As a result, about 1000 photos have been used. The results are also satisfactory for image banks.Nowadays his interest is more in landscape and nature photography. In his own words - “it gives me peace and relaxation, can be in one place for hours to enjoy it. And so rest and enjoy what the earth has to offer. Regardless of the weather and the light, luckily you have no control over that. Not everything has to be planned in our lives. Seize the day, life is beautiful”.
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